The Blue Notebook


You can find high-res versions here
Founding Fathers diptych: Domini Canes & Children of God by Idiota-kun

So, that’s another collab, and my co-author decided to let me do the honors once AGAIN. *side-eyeing them really hard*

Those arts were made for the last level of the Fandom Combat - that is, for the level where you are given a certain topic and do what you can with it. When I saw our topic (The characters of your canon in the times of The Inquisition), my first thought was “We are all screwed”. My second thought was along the same lines. And so, two months went by, the deadline approached, we still had absolutely nothing, and then Goblin, me heartie, asks me to colour something for her. And sends me the linearts. (Those are actually illustrations for her fic - a retelling of the Scientists backstory set in medieval Germany.)

It was the hardest colouring job I did in my life - my hand were shaking so much. JUST LOOK AT ALL THIS. HARE’S BERET. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR WHAT I AM FEELING. THE WALTER BOTS DESIGNS.
Okay, all right, I am calm. Absolutely. (HatchWorth’s goatee, though. FUCKING PERFECTION. Yeah, sorry.)

So. Goblin. Thank you SO MUCH for letting me take part in the creation of this perfection. <3

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